One day in “Hagymatikum” a Medical wellness centre in Makó, Hungary

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I discovered a wonderful medical and wellness centre on a budget!

Fantastic experience, perfect staff and really well looked after.

There is also a bar, restaurant, beauty centre, gym and hairdresser inside!

This is what I did and how much my whole day cost:

• Adult daily ticket 3100 HUF

• (Chess Pool with medical and mineral wather, 33m swimming pool, Slide pool, Outside Experience pool, Cave pool, Thermal pool)

• Towel rental fee 500 HUF

• Sauna world Ticket 1600 HUF

• ( Finnish sauna, Aroma sauna, Flood of Light sauna, Steam cabin sauna, Herb sauna, Infra Sauna, Alföldi sauna, Kelo sauna, Mako sauna)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 40 mins 4300 HUF

1 € = 358,30 HUF

9500HUF = 26,51 €

I can't wait to go there again for a day of personal and spiritual care! GREAT!!!

This is not an affiliate or sposorate link!

I'll drop it here if you're curious to have a look!

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